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Weather Map and Weather Model

Animated Weather Maps

An application for visualizing the spatial distribution of temperature forecasts, precipitation, cloud cover, wind, and other meteorological elements.

The forecasts are based on our proprietary model, which uses machine learning to combine various meteorological models into a single weather map. For each location, time, and meteorological situation, artificial intelligence minimises the discrepancies of individual models, creating the most accurate weather forecast. However, for a detailed forecast for your specific location, we recommend using the hourly weather forecast, which is further refined by our high-resolution models. You can easily access it through the search feature at the top of the website.

Wind Map and Other Elements

Wind speed and direction are visualized on the map using streamlines, which are used to represent the movement of particles. This creates visible beautiful atmospheric patterns on the map. These wind streamlines are also displayed on the map for other elements, helping to better understand the movement within the entire atmospheric system.

Various meteorological elements for display on the weather map can be selected from the left menu. On the timeline at the bottom, you can start an animation that smoothly guides you through the entire forecast for any location in the world.