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Mobile Weather App MeteoSource

The most current professional information about weather in any location right on your phone.

Get precise local forecasts updated in real-time based on the latest measured data. The app leverages our extensive experience in meteorology. Thanks to machine learning and daily input from our professional meteorologists, we achieve the best possible accuracy.

In addition to the current conditions, you will receive minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts, hourly forecasts, and long-term weather outlooks.

Local Weather Forecast and Radar by MeteoSource

The local weather forecast app by MeteoSource is available for free or for a small one-time fee for the ad-free version. Currently, it is only available for Android phones, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions for further improving the weather app.

Mobile App Features:

  • current weather

  • minute-by-minute local forecast

  • hourly forecast

  • long-term weather outlook

  • precipitation radar

  • weather for activity planning