Can you send me information about what the weather will be like in two months?

Since the atmosphere is a very complex system, an advance weather forecast cannot be provided for so far in the future. At most a forecast for approximately two weeks can be provided with details about individual days, as we have forecasts on our website. No serious weather services attempt to provide weather forecasts for a greater number of days.

How successful are your weather forecasts?

We analyse our weather forecast succes rate and compare it with other services. According to our statistics, our forecast belongs to one of the most successful. Neverethless, we keep working on improvements and we are the first in Europe to implement many meteorological inventions.

Why are your forecasts different from others presented on television and on other websites?

Weather forecasts are created independently by multiple weather services whose meteorologists may have different opinions about future weather developments. The differences in individual media outlets can be attributed to their sources of data. Our reports are created daily by professional meteorologists.

Hourly forecasts sometimes differ from current weather. Why?

Current weather is measured in a limited number of locations, and for a displayed forecast the current nearest measured weather conditions are shown. Therefore, the difference can be attributed to locations as well as time related factors. (Measurements are usually updated once per hour.) Furthermore, hourly forecasts, in view of the complexity of the atmospheric system, of course are not 100% accurate, and so information should be given about the dominant character of weather and its development during a specific period of time.

Why do hourly forecasts and basic forecasts summarizing an entire day occasionally differ from each other?

The occasional difference may be attributed to different times of updating as well as the meteorologist's summarisation of weather conditions on a particular day using one symbol. For more information, see How to interpret the weather forecasts.

Why is the “current weather” shown on your website different from the view from a window?

Current weather conditions are measured at weather stations once hourly. The number of measuring locations is also limited, and so for each location measurements are shown from the nearest station. In some weather situations, there may be an apparent difference between the weather at your location and the weather conditions measured at the nearest station.

How should I understand the term "showers in some areas"?

The words “occasional showers in places within most of the territory” are not an excuse from meteorologists meaning “what if...?” but are exactly defined based on the percentage of occurrence of a particular phenomenon on the territory for which the forecast is issued. Specifically, occasionally means occurrence in less than 30% of an area, in places means 30-70%, and in the majority of the territory is a phenomenon expected in more than 70% of an area. If these words are absent (for example ...overcast with rain,...), the phenomenon is expected in at least 90% of stations.

Why are advertisements displayed at Meteocentre?

In order for us to offer browsing of the data found on our website free of charge, advertising covers our costs for website maintenance and development with the most detailed information about weather in Central Europe.

I have not found a city/town for which I am searching for a forecast. What should I do?

If it is a city in Europe, try to look for the closest larger city around it and please let us know at meteo@meteocentre.co.uk, or via the contact form. If you are looking for a city outside our scope of activity, please check whether you have clicked on the field “search for a city in Europe” and whether you have entered the name in the local language. Also try to write the name of the city without diacritics. If all the options given fail, try to look for the nearest big town to the one you were originally looking for.