Amsterdam Netherlands, North Holland

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We are the only website that offers a summary of several forecast models. Even though foreign models are less accurate for our country, you can compare them and find out how reliable is the weather forecast (in case the results for a certain time period are different, the forecast tends to be less accurate).

Hourly forecast

Weather - Wednesday 25. 5.

Model name 23.00
Meteocentre 14°
Canadian model 14°
Norwegian model 14°
American model 13°
German model 14°
French model 14°
Nordic model 14°

Alternative city/town names:

AMS, Amesterdam, Amesterdao, Amesterdão, Amistardam, Amstardam, Amstedam, Amstelodamum, Amsterdam, Amsterdama, Amsterdamas, Amsterdami, Amsterdamo, Amsterdams, Amsterdan, Amsterntam, Amstèdam, Amszterdam, Damsko, Gorad Amstehrdam, a mu si te dan,

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aimstardaima, amasataradama, amastaradama, amastararyama, amseuteleudam, amstardama, amstartam, amstrdam, amusuterudamu, anstardyam, emstaradyama, xamstexrdam, Àmsterdam, Ámsterdam, Ámsterdan,