Weather app for Android

Reliable local weather forecasts based on advanced machine learning models.

Get accurate and reliable weather forecasts for your Android phone! Weather forecasts are provided by Meteosources's machine learning technology, which uses many different weather models but minimises their errors, resulting in extremely high accuracy.

Predictions are available for any location on Earth. Current weather data and forecasts are updated in real time to reflect the most up-to-date weather information.

Local weather forecast & radar by Meteosource on Google Play

Our app with Local weather forecast & radar is available for free. With accurate hourly and minute-by-minute forecast, you will know exactly when the rain will start or stop. No matter where you are, the weather app will deliver precise alerts when precipitation is about to start.

App features:

  • Current weather and forecast for 10 days

  • Minute-by-minute forecast

  • Hourly weather forecast

  • Weather warnings & notification

  • Rain radar

  • Weather for activities