Alternatives to DarkSky - replacing DarkSky API

Dark Sky API is coming to an end by the end of this year.

A good alternative to Darksky for accurate current weather and forecasts is Meteosource's weather API. It offers comprehensive hyper-local weather data for any place in the world. At an affordable price, you receive reliable and accurate data that you can easily implement into your website or application.

Meteosource's professional weather service is based on machine learning technology, which uses many different weather models but minimises their errors, resulting in extremely high accuracy. Similar to DarkSky, it also offers accurate minute-by-minute forecasts for locations around the world.

Features compatible with DarkSky

  • minute-by-minute hyperlocal weather forecast

  • hourly forecast out to 7 days

  • daily forecast

  • historical weather data for any location worldwide

API Počasí Meteosource