Personal data protection statement

The operator of collects and stores personal data of persons registered as subscribers to the newsletter in a secure database in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., the Personal Data Protection Act.

The Operator shall not present, share or transfer a user’s personal data without the user’s prior consent in any way that would conflict with this statement, and the user hereby declares to have taken all possible measures to secure all personal data to protect it from unauthorised access by third parties. The operator is authorised to use third parties as personal data processes to process personal data.

The operator shall gather data about registered users consisting of each user’s email address, form of addressing and configuration of services. This data will be used by the operator to send information about the weather. A user can also subscribe to have the newsletter and commercial messages sent, which contain information about services and products of third parties, who grant their consent to the use of data for such purposes.

The operator is entitled to process personal data provided by the user in an electronic automated manner. The operator will store the data until the user unsubscribes from sending of information about the weather and/or the newsletter and commercial disclosures and for 2 years afterwards. The operator may cancel sending of weather information, the newsletter and commercial disclosures.

The operator is authorised unilaterally to change this statement by displaying the changes at the website The effectiveness of the new declaration will always be labelled in the document. By continuing to receive the newsletter, the user grants consent for the revised wording of the declaration. The new wording will be reported to the users in advance via email.

This declaration is effective as of 1 January 2016.