About us

Vision and mission

Since 2007 we have been helping visitors not only to plan their activities based on the weather, but also to contribute to general awareness and information about extreme weather phenomena and to reduce damage caused by such weather as a result.

At meteocentre.co.uk you will find the most detailed information about the weather with preservation of professional quality, which is guaranteed by the meteorologist on duty.

About Meteocentre

The weather forecasts at Meteocentre are prepared for you daily by our highly qualified meteorologists. Our unique meteorological programme and model enable us to offer a large amount of data under the supervision and control of an experienced meteorologist.

At meteocentre.co.uk you will find a detailed weather forecast for each European city. You can choose the city you want in the searching field at the top of the page.

Most of our forecast products are updated several times a day.


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